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Content Marketing: How To Incorporate It Into Client Strategies

About this Webinar

Agencies often focus on the paid advertising channels and ignore the powerful impact strategic use of content marketing can have for their clients – and their own bottom lines.  

Content marketing can become an excellent source of new customers and a way to keep a community of customers engaged and increase their long term value.  As an agency offering, clients invest in a long-term relationship of strategy and creative development that complements paid efforts with major and lasting impacts on generating inbound web traffic.

Join Jeremy Kagan as he discusses content marketing strategies that you can use for your clients to build a long-term relationship.  

We’ll discuss why content works so well in the digital arena, the virtuous cycle of search engine optimization and social media, and review different content strategies for different types of businesses.

 Key takeaways:

  • How to use content marketing as an Inbound strategy and a CRM Strategy
  • Adding value through content
  • The Impact of content strategy on search and social
  • The 3 C’s of Create, Curate, and Collect
  • Using content to attract new customers and engage existing customers
  • Practical tools to deploy content efficiently.

 Who should attend:

This webinar is best for agency leadership and strategic thinkers, as well as relationship managers; traditional agencies with mature relationships with clients looking to expand and deepen their ties and increase their revenues.

Those looking to build on their client knowledge base for long-term success will find this webinar as an important source of potential business.

What can you expect from this webinar?

We will define the role of content in bringing inbound traffic from new leads and existing customers.  We will introduce frameworks for laying out a content strategy for any size client budget and we will discuss strategies for content, distribution and tracking success.

About Jeremy Kagan:

Jeremy Kagan is Professor of Digital Marketing at Columbia Business School. He is a recent author of the new textbook Digital Marketing: Strategy & Tactics, and is Managing Director of the Lang Entrepreneurship Center at The Columbia University Business School.

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