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How to Convert More New Business with Better Storytelling

About this Webinar

When it comes to an important new business pitch or meeting, agencies tend to pull out all the stops; agencies do research, bring target audience insights to life and develop and deliver killer creative campaigns and programs in the hopes of winning the business. 

What we tend to forget is how to bundle it all up, into one compelling and engaging story. That’s usually where we lose potential clients and the pitches. The human brain is hard wired for story — it's how we relate to each other, to the past, and how human beings learn. Knowing what the brain wants from a story will help you learn how to tell a better one. 

Join Laurie Coots for this webinar and gain some key intelligence and best practices on this subject which just might increase your new business win rate. 

You won’t want to write your next pitch deck without hearing this webinar first.

Key takeaways:

  • The biggest storytelling mistakes that agencies make in new business pitches with respect to storytelling
  • The basics about the neuroscience of how stories work in the brain and what the brain wants from a story
  • How to improve your connectivity and alignment with your client audience 
  • How to engage your audience to take ownership of the story you are telling — for better buy-in and approval.

Who should attend:

CEOs, CMOs and New Business Directors who need to convert more new business; Account Directors and Creative Directors that need to sell campaigns. This webinar will also be helpful to anyone who must present compelling, persuasive recommendations to clients, their company and/or staff.

About Laurie Coots:

Laurie Coots is currently a Free Agent of Disruption. As Global CMO of TBWA\Worldwide for almost thirty years, she was responsible for the growth strategies of the network, the new business teams and all pitches. Throughout her career, she was a leader in the industry speaking on the subject of New Business, Disruption, Change Management and the Future of Client Conflict. Laurie had led the New Business Committee at 4As and has spoken widely at new business conferences and seminars. Laurie and her teams have won well over a billion dollars in new business billings. 


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