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Improve Your Agency Culture. Improve Your ROI. Believe It

About this Webinar

Your agency’s culture may be one of the most misunderstood and underutilized tools for greater productivity and higher profits.  

This webinar examines what a culture is and isn’t. It demonstrates how a carefully installed culture can actually increase productivity and profits. 

Everyone thinks their agency has a culture but few can articulate it, understand how it comes to be and how it can actually be a lever to higher ROI. The webinar will provide you with the tools to intentionally conceive, install and instill a better, more productive culture for your agency. 

Join Pat Doody, founding partner, WONGDOODY as he examines the role of owners/employers in birthing the culture as well as the role of employees in nurturing it.

Key takeaways:

  • The practical definition of culture
  • Why cultures are not organic
  • What company values are and the role they play in your culture
  • How cultures define behavior
  • The commitment it takes to install a killer culture
  • Why your culture is not your brand or your company perks.

Who should attend: 

All agency owners/founders, anyone planning on starting an agency, human resource professionals, senior level managers responsible for overall workplace performance, department heads, anyone with multiple direct reports and everyone who wants to maximize their workplace experience.

About Pat Doody:

Pat and his partner Tracy Wong founded WONGDOODY 24 years ago. They started with no clients, no employees, no office space and no visible means of support. Today, WONGDOODY has 140 employees in their Seattle and LA offices with annual revenues of $25MM and a client portfolio that includes:  Amazon, T-Mobile, Alaska Airlines, ESPN, Scion, Papa Murphy’s Pizza and Cedar Sinai Hospital. 

WONGDOODY has won every major award, several times over, including the Gold Lion at Cannes four times. In 2013, the agency was named Small Agency of the Year  (employees 75-150) by Ad Age.

Pat’s bondage in advertising began 40 years ago in the canyons of Manhattan, where he spent thirteen years at Benton & Bowles (morphing to DMB&B) working on a variety of mostly package goods accounts from Procter & Gamble, Kraft/General Foods and Richardson Vicks. 

In January, 2013, Pat sold his interest in WONGDOODY to his two partners and much to his surprise, he is still on speaking terms with them.

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