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Innovation: Recasting your Agency’s Future

About this Webinar

  • Who doesn’t love that Eureka moment when a flash of insight inspires us to shift our creative development process? 
  • Who equally hates the heartache of losing accounts because we don’t have the optimum account management process? 
  • And who is tired of managing the challenges of decreasing recurring revenue with the increasing price of talent? 

Inspired by Disruption, the proprietary methodology Laurie Coots championed at TBWA\Worldwide for almost 30 years, in this session Laurie will share a high-level view of how building the right agency innovation strategy can be your agency’s ticket to sustainable growth and fame.

Join Laurie Coots, formerly Global CMO, TBWA\Worldwide who will help you understand the merits and distinctions between the various types of innovation and learn when to use each.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the language and the conditions that are necessary for innovation to occur at your agency. How will innovation become a core competency and how will you engage the entire agency in your effort?
  • Which innovations will add revenue fast and which will enhance your reputation or fame? 
  • Discover how to create an agency culture of repeatable innovation
  • Master the role of MVP and Rapid Prototyping to identify the most promising innovation strategies for your agency — long term.

Who should attend:

This session is oriented toward an agency leadership role and should be considered by anyone who wants to grow their personal influence or improve their impact — as an individual or as a member of a wider agency team. 

About Laurie Coots:

Laurie Coots is currently a Free Agent of Disruption working with agencies and clients to develop disruptive and sustainable, innovation and growth strategies. As Global CMO of TBWA\Worldwide for almost thirty years, Laurie was the network champion of Disruption, a proprietary methodology that was used worldwide. Throughout her career, she has been a leader in the industry, speaking on the subject of New Business, Disruption, Change Management and the Future of Client Conflict. Laurie had led the New Business Committee at the 4As and has spoken widely at new business conferences and seminars. 


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