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It’s Time to Give Your Approach to RFPs a Makeover! The systematic way to improve your agency’s answers and increase your win rate

About this Webinar

You check your email and there it is. The promise of a great new client. A chance to do great work and increase your agency’s revenue. But first, you have to submit a successful RFP.

If you are the CEO or a new business director of an agency, you know that weird mixture of feelings you get, when you see an RFP invitation in your mailbox from a potential client or consultant. 

You know that the minute you open it, the clock will start ticking and you will be eating, drinking and sleeping your responses to the RFP for the next few days or weeks. On one hand, you’re thrilled for the opportunity for your agency to work with this client. On the other hand, you dread the drain it will put on you and the agency to complete it. 

It’s time to give your RFP approach a makeover! What if you had a system for responding to RFPs that wasn’t so arduous or painful? One that was equal parts intelligence, infrastructure, relevance and charm. What if you had a foolproof way of responding to RFPs that differentiated your agency from the competition, revealed your strengths and didn’t kill you or your team along the way?

Join Laurie Coots, former Global CMO of TBWA\Worldwide who will share some of the tricks and the toolbox she used successfully to advance the agency with clients and consultants for over 30 years.  

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to read an RFP request to reveal the embedded opportunities, risk and investment required to participate
  • Become proficient in how to decode the brief including: who, what and why an assignment, account or a client are reviewing their business 
  • Understand how to build the “machine” that makes RFP responses a snap
  • Discover the secrets to writing great case histories and demonstrating the business results your agency can drive for clients
  • Master how to talk about agency compensation in a way procurement understands
  • Remind yourself of all the simple and stupid ways we all get it wrong — from time to time.

Who should attend:

The RFP is the kickoff of most new business processes, so this session is perfect for anyone who will play a role in new business: Agency Management, Account Management, Account Planners, Media, Content and Engagement, Strategists, UX Designers, Buyers, Creative Directors, and CFOs or agency financial personnel. 

About Laurie Coots:

Laurie Coots is currently a Free Agent of Disruption. As Global CMO of TBWA\Worldwide for almost thirty years, she was responsible for the growth strategies of the network, the new business teams and all pitches. Throughout her career, she was a leader in the industry, speaking on the subject of New Business, Disruption, Change Management and the Future of Client Conflict. Laurie had led the 4As New Business Committee and has spoken widely at new business conferences and seminars. Laurie and her teams have won well over a billion dollars in new business billings and she has personally stewarded thousands of successful RFPs. 


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