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The Art of Executive Presence

About this Webinar

How To Stand Out, Speak Up and Impress VIPs and Peers

In business, certain people just seem to have it. They don’t wait to be offered a seat at the table or asked for their opinion--people with executive presence join right in no matter who’s in the room.
“It” is called executive presence, a current hot button with senior agency leaders everywhere that studies show is critical to success. It’s not just what you know, it’s whether you impress important people enough to be heard. Important people can be the people you report to, your clients as well as peers.
One ingredient is gravitas, projecting confidence, decisiveness, and poise under pressure. You’re the lowest rank in a major budget review and the numbers look off to you. How do you handle it? A critical decision beyond your authority affecting thousands of dollars is needed immediately and no higher ups are available. What do you do?
Another ingredient is being able to come across in a clear, convincing manner. You disagree with the key conclusions of your Analytics team. An SVP or senior client just said your idea has been tried and failed, is too controversial or isn’t relevant. When should you say something? What do you say?
Do it wrong and you’re done. Do it right, and you will wow colleagues and executives alike as a natural born leader eminently capable in any circumstance regardless of your experience.
Join former Account, Creative and Marketing Director Jeff Hiller as he takes you through the do’s and don'ts in real world situations across the full range of agency responsibilities offering advice on how to increase your “executive presence”.

Key takeaways:
Invite your way into vital discussions and crush it
Make outstanding impressions on important people
Add significant value through meaningful participation
Be recognized for handling challenges and objections
How to make high pressure decisions with partial information
Avoid disclaimers and qualifiers when expressing your POV
Speak assertively vs. over confident or passive-aggressive.

Who should attend:
Supervisors, Managers and staff in all areas involved in drawing conclusions, developing recommendations or reporting results to senior leaders at the agency or client.

About Jeff Hiller:
Jeff Hiller is Director of Learning & Development at JB Training Solutions. Jeff started at Leo Burnett Chicago where he became VP/Account Director and earned 7 EFFIE Awards. He later owned a high end retail chain, was Marketing/ Creative Director for the Houston Rockets, and VP/Marketing for Four Hands Imports, a 3-time Inc. 500 Fastest Growing company.
Jeff conducts 100+ workshops a year on business, management and communication skills. His agency clients include Omnicom, IPG and Publicis Groups and his advertiser clients include Phillips 66, Marriott and Eli Lilly.

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