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Why You Lost the Pitch – What Prospects are Not Telling You About Your Presentation

About this Webinar

You did your homework, created a deck, rehearsed, pitched only to get the dreaded “You came in second place” phone call.  As we all know, by some mystery of math…everyone came in second place.  When it comes down to it, the prospect has two goals for that phone call.  First, get you off the phone as quickly as possible. Second, make you feel good about your agency so that if they call again you will agree to pitch. 

It is not the prospects job to tell you what you did wrong in the pitch.  It is your job to figure it out which can be a tremendous challenge. While every pitch is different, there are some relatively consistent reasons that agencies lose.  Based on working with scores of agencies on countless pitches, Mark has assembled a Top Ten list of pitch mistakes and how to avoid them.

 Key takeaways:

  • Understanding what clients are looking for in an agency
  • Tightening up your message
  • Understanding what to say and what not to say about your agency
  • Overcoming multi-agency or holding company pitch challenges
  • Getting better feedback from prospect after a pitch
  • Understanding the difference between losing and not winning
  • Learning what to measure in new business and why
  • Overcoming low payoff pitch activities

Who should attend: 

Anyone involved in the pitch process

About Mark Schnurman:

Mark Schnurman is President of Filament Inc., and has spent the years working with agencies throughout the world helping them better articulate their ideas to their clients and prospects.  Mark has worked with agencies countless new business pitches from small, regional pitches all the way to large, multi-national, multi-agency pitches. Because Filament Inc. works with so many different organizations in the advertising industry, Mark has a keen understanding of the challenges that face agencies in winning new business pitches.

 Mark’s clients include The Martin Agency, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Abelson Taylor and MRM just to name a few.

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